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Mallorca Pro Websites is a branch created locally in Mallorca, based on and licensed by the Amtrup Web family Online Marketing Bureau from Copenhagen. We have most clients in Scandinavia, UK and Germany, but based locally in Mallorca, we have an increasing number of clients running business on the island.

We target our help to Small Business Owners, Restaurants & Bars, Real Estate, and beside this, we are creating a number of Directories and information websites for Tourists. Our clients are not only getting help with Websites, Webshops and Social Media Platforms, but they are invited to be represented on our Mallorca Directories.

Let us tell you more About Us - We are experts in creating Websites, Webshops, SEO - Search engine implementation for best possible ranking on Google, and other platforms, also implementing and using Social Media.

We offer full service and support to our clients on a regularly basis. Expect Mallorca Pro Websites to be a part of your running business, driving traffic and clients.

We try to offer an all in one solution.. We would love to help your business - in these times, it will be really important to reach out to your clients, even before they arrive to your restaurant, bar or other business. Please contact us, if You want to learn more About Us.

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Jan Amtrup 2023

Jan Amtrup

Real life 25 years experience in Quality Online Marketing Strategy.  More than 900 websites for hundreds of companys. Expert SEO Marketing, E commerce and Learning capacity. Mallorca Pro Websites helps you drive the traffic to your business.


Drive more traffic and potential clients to your business, making more money. Mallorca Pro Websites helps you in an all in one solution, to represent  and help people to find your business.

Restaurants and bars need to be represented online: Take the opportunity to implement with Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram and other directories to create awareness and get recommendations for your business.

Have you ever thought about, how easy it is to lose money by not having important information about products, opening hours and more online - both on Websites, Social Medias and Directories.

More About Mallorca Pro Websites
Our business originates from Copenhagen, where we have developed online marketing strategies for both small and large companies for many years. We also have a solid background in teaching online strategies and the use of websites and webshops. In addition to helping our customers develop their online strategy, we support and help the ongoing business to reach an end goal. Mallorca Pro Websites also keep focus on building Mallorca Directories for tourists. If your business need representation in Scandinavia, our Copenhagen branch Amtrup Web can be of assistance. We can help for both Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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